Been training with Will Eagles for over 2 years now and I couldn’t be more happier with my progression. I have gotten stronger, and the meals plans have definitely helped my definition through my training!! If you are dedicated and motivated to better yourself, I highly suggest you talk with Coach Eagles about your goals! Thank you Coach Eagles
— Poppy Liver, Philadelphia Soul

Just wanted to put a thanks out there to Will for all he has done for my son, Ayden. Ayden is a 9th grader trying to make his high school basketball team. He has been working out with Will since the beginning of July and the gains he has made have been phenomenal He now is 5’8” and 150lbs. He works out with Will 2/3X a week. He has put on just shy of 10lbs of muscle, his strength has increased crazy strong, he just benched 145lbs, he is squatting 165 lbs for 5 sets of 4-6 reps just to name some of the bigger gains. All this has translated onto the b-ball court in quickness, speed and strength and jumping ability. Things he struggled with before he is doing with ease now. He no longer gets knocked off the ball when dribbling and is able to drive and finish with greater ease because he isn’t being pushed out of his attack lane!! But in all honesty the greatest gains he has made have been in his self confidence and self esteem..Both on and off the court. It has been a very exciting time watching him take these big leaps forward and I’m sure with more hard work more gains are to come!!
Hiring someone who has the knowledge in whatever it is we are looking for as parents, in our kids coaching or something like this is usually 70-80% of all the battles, otherwise it becomes a waste of time and $. We all have been there. The over matched or parent coach, the the trainer who lacks the ability to get our kid to improve..This is one that I got right!!
I highly recommend trying this out for awhile and let the results speak for themselves!!
— Jim C.