How It All Started



  • You've tried every diet and exercise program out there and haven't seen the results you want.

  • What to eat and how to workout for your goals frustrates you because you don't know how.

  • You have no support system in place to help you change for the better and that's discouraging.

  • You wish someone would help guide you through the steps it takes to be successful.

  • You're willing to follow a program if it's effective, flexible and fits into your life

  • This is your last attempt at making a change and you want help....

I know what that feels like. I have been there and it took me a long time to figure out the steps and skills to change my body. Now I help other people just like me make health a priority and change their lives forever!

If you're not happy with the way you look and feel keep reading below because no matter what you're going through, how old you are, or what your fitness and nutrition background is Today will be the first day of the rest of your "dream life".

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Its never to late, and don't let anyone stop you

What your about to read is a story. This story is about a 31 year old guy that for large spans of time in his life would yo-yo back and forth between over weight and unhappy and miner progress before slipping back into poor habits.

That guy is Me!

You see, while I was an athlete most of my life, I spent most of my time eating poorly and not exercising consistantly even while trying to perform at an elite level. For a good portion of my life I delt with anxiety, some sleep apnea, joint pain, and countless digestive issues.

I always figured that this was just going to be the way that I lived my life and that I would always be called "Big Guy". 

I started to focus on living life the way I thought Big Guys did and lifted heavy with no real rhyme or reason. I figured if I was going to be big I would tell people its because I was "really strong".

I will share the rest of my story and challenges with you later but through a series of life altering events I figured out that the outside does matter and is a direct reflection of how you feel on the inside and feeling good about yourself can make all of your dreams a reality. 

I know what it take because I've been there. Whether it is losing the stubburn belly fat, totally reconstructing your physique, or having a mind blowing transformation, I can help you achieve it!

No Matter Your Age, Weight, or Fitness Level You Can Have The Body You Desire.

  • Have you tried to lose weight or use the latest fad diet but never it never got you the results you wanted or to look the way you dreamed?

  • Are you 75% happy with your body and the way it looks and performs, but want to improve and tone your back, legs, and arms?

  • Do you finally want to get rid of the love handles, flabby stomach, and develop tons of lean muscle and fit back in your favorite jeans or take your shirt off at the beach?

  • Are you tired of the cravings and gross feelings you have after eating food?

  • Do you want to control the urges and reverse the emotional eating while increasing your energy and happiness?

  • Do you feel like giving up on losing the belly fat, or discouraged by your age and feel lost?

  • Maybe your not "over-weight" but are skinny fat and want to lean out and tone up your body.

  • Or are you like me and are a personal trainer and have been helping others for so long you forgot to take care of yourself?

If You Have A Hard Time Looking At Yourself In The Mirror or Looking At The Weight On The Scale Continue Reading For The Rest Of My Story.

I feel your pain, frustration, and the struggle that comes along with not being happy with your body and health because I have been there. Push aside what you may think about me now and read my True Story....

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This is me running 4 miles a day, just like many people I thought that I was doing everything right when it came to fitness and nutrition. Personally I thought I had it all.

 A beautiful wife

 A job helping others

 Finishing my Masters Degree

 1 child and another on the way

 Purchased my first house!

However, I was overworked, stressed, and wasn't sure why I was trying to help people when I wasn't helping myself.

As time went on the struggle continued from my youth and the weight would just never go away. I felt like I was a failure and so was my body. I felt like I would never be in great shape yet alone feel comfortable in my own skin.

I Gave Up.

I may have been smiling on the outside

But, on the inside, I felt like I was failing and was extremely discouraged. I was stuck in a pattern and had lost sight of some of the most important hopes and dreams I had for myself.

While most people wouldn't have considered me extremely overweight I told myself I "wore it well" and only had clothes that help me hide the fat and lack of definition.

I was at the end of the line and I couldn't stand to look at myself the way I was.

I Felt Hopeless and Trapped With No Way Of Changing The Things I Didn't Like About The Way I Looked

I kept pushing away the fact that something needed to change.

I had made it this far and but things were starting to really bother me. I kept trying different things but I wasn't changing the things that really mattered.

I was also afraid to really admit that I needed help. Was I going to have the support? Was I going to be able to deal with the attention of making changes to my lifestyle?

My Outside Was A Mirror Image of My Inside

So what made me make the change?

How did I go from an overweight, empathetic, personal trainer, Husband, and Father to a Fit and Energetic Fitness Expert in the span of a few short years? 

                                                                                     A few things happened that hit me Hard...

I was in the Hospital holding my second child, a beautiful little girl that without knowing it expected to have a father that would be there for all her important moments. My son would enter the room and look at me in a way only your children can. I was their rock. I was going to be the support and trust, and example for them as they go through there own challenges. 

Was I going to be the dad on the beach that wore his shirt everywhere. Never taking it off. Would I be the one unable to coach their sports teams or embarrassing to them when I dropped them off with their friends. I realized that I had never gone to a pool party in the last 20 years and took my shirt off. I never felt comfortable in my own skin and was going to tell my kids to be confident in who they were.

I wanted to be around for them for many years and apart of so many important moments of their lives. I wanted to be a good example of what healthy and happy looked like.

That painful image of me being the overweight, unhappy, shirt wearing dad was burnt into my mind and for the first time in my life I wasn't just looking at my outside self but also my inside self.

The procrastination was boiling over in me and things were about to change.

I started to do the right things. I was outside with my kids, I was hiking and mountain biking. I started doing the things needed to change my body and my life.

My Body Changed So Much I Didn't Even Recognize Myself

You notice that there are not many before pictures. 

This is just because I hated the way I looked. Any picture of me before the transformation had been taken by other people and never on purpose. I was never caught with my shirt off.

But Now....

I Have A New Misson and Purpose and It's To Help People Make Major Life Altering Changes

I know how hard it can be to make a true change.

So today I want to help you change, transform, and experience the deepest sense of satisfaction that you have ever felt. I want to help you be who you want to be. Heck, who you deserve to be. This is not just in the physical sense but also the mental and emotional side of life as well. See its all linked together. I want you to feel good about where you're going in life.

I had to go through a lot to get to this point. A lot of people told me it could not be done. I learned an important lesson though: I can be and will be whoever I want to be in this life. I set the rules and I control my life. It's my choice to be healthy and happy. It's your choice too. You ultimately have the choice about your life and goals....well...

Who Are You? What Are Your Goals? Whats Important To You?

Can you answer those questions?

Listen, The Get Fit Program is the real deal, no frills, true transformation program. There is no hype. I know what it takes to make true change. I know it will work for you. I have proof this program can change lives.

I'm not some genetically gifted person in their 20's. I am just like you. I have stress, I have cravings, I have kids running me around night and day. The Truth is I am more like you then you think.

So if I can transform my body, you can too.

Whats Stopping You From The Body of Your Dreams

Hyped Up Claims With No One To Trust

  • Hyped up Fad Diets that make you yo-yo back and forth because they are extreme and only work in the short term. All you end up doing is damaging your metabolic system leaving you tired and fatigued.

  • Listening to information that is contradicting and confusing and makes no real sense. Trying to get in shape but leaving yourself frustrated by not know what to do and giving up.

  • Hitting plateaus or never making progress even though you spend hours a week in the gym busting your butt to get in shape. Doing the same workout over and over to only see nothing happen and you at the same point as when you started.

  • Using excuses to not workout and go to the gym because you are busy, or you don't feel like going. Making the gym a crutch because you don't know how to workout outside the gym.

  • The fear that it has been so long that you are too out of shape or that people may judge you when you are in the gym and start working out. Only to hold back and not reach your true potential.

I must be reading your mind. You're not alone. Millions of people waste their time year after year listening and doing things that some "expert" posted online. Getting them to waste money or systems or equipment that makes them feel like they are making progress only to see it all fail. 

The Truth

  • It's never too late to start

  •  Results speak louder than words (The proof is in the results)

  •  Your belief in success will dictate success

  •  Find the right role model and mentor

Your Solution

Transform your body from the inside out

Get the program I use with all client and join our community

Not only have I went through my own dramatic transformation but I have a 100% success rate with my clients. I use ProCoach technology and curriculum that is science-based, road-tested, tried-and-true and has been used to effectively coach about 50,000 clients to more than 1,000,000 pounds of weight lost. No diet pills, cheap programs, or novice personal trainers who don't know anything. Just a tried and true method with personal coaching from me.

With the Get Fit Program, you will never hit plateaus or get bored. You will continue to evolve with the program and continue to sculpt and mold your body and health into your dream body. You will develop a lean, functional, fully balanced physique,

  • Fire up your metabolism and being to torch body fat and expose the lean, balance physique that you always dreamed of

  • No more restrictive diets and calorie counting. Many people tell me that they are eating more food on the Get Fit Program then they have ever eaten and its because we learn through healthy habits how to design the perfect meal for you specificly.

  • Hit the ground running and get access to the program and all its features. Also, receive little gifts along the way to help keep you learning and uncovering knowledge that most people don't have.

  • Dramatically accelerate your progress by developing full-range of motion, proper tempo and correct form through all the movements in my program.

  • Receive my caring personal attention and care 24/7. I will answer all your questions and give you the support you need to stay on track and succeed guaranteed.

Change is real and can happen for anyone. It happened for me and this is how it will happen for you

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