Group Training

Fitness is more fun with your friends! 

At BucksFit we offer a wide variety of training opportunities for those who like to workout with like minded individuals. We focus on creating a culture of high achieving training habits grounded in Mobility, Strength, and Intensity. 

We offer classes like Kickboxing, Cross-Training, Bootcamp, and Ladies only! 

Class Schedule:


Kick your fitness into gear with our elite kickboxing and fitness coach Alan Isadore. With years of experience and knowledge, BucksFits Kickboxig class will put the spark back in your fitness routine. 

Kickboxing Conditioning is the perfect total body workout, and the fastest way to that toned fighter physique you seek.


Sunday 9am
Tuesday 6:30pm

Cross Training

Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, Greater Running Fitness, Active Recovery, and You can develop dynamic flexibility! These are just a few reasons cross-training is so important. 

This is a great opportunity to get outside your comfort zone and put your body through a variety of movements and challenges. This is also a great class for runners and cyclists to create a dynamic and well rounded fitness level.

Come check out the class:
Tuesday 6am
Wednesday 7pm
Thursday 6am

Ladies Apex MVMT

More than ever, women are becoming stronger than ever when it comes to fitness and pushing the envelope in the world of professional sports and fitness. While girl only classes have their perks and place, they’re no longer your mother’s “women’s-only” fitness classes. Women are working as hard now as their male comrades in addition to each other, and sometimes even breaking ceilings in the world of fitness in the process. This Group is designed to empower women to pursue fitness and wellness goals in a setting that was designed for womens needs. 

Come check out the class:
Monday 9am
Wednesday 9am
Friday 9am


This is what happens when your comfortable being uncomfortable! Bootcamp is a larger group workout that will keep you guessing. We all know what bootcamp consists of. Sweat, Fun, and a great community. We focus on maximum calorie burn, with the benifits of being time efficient, creating a post exercise calorie burn, and never hitting a plateau. 

Come check out the class:
Thursday 6pm
More Days and Times Coming

Give us a call at: (215)357-2000 ext 13