What is your food doing for you.....

One of the hardest things to do when trying to reach your goals in fitness and life is understand what we eat and how it effects our bodies.

Most people use food in many different ways such as for comfort, energy, or even just because they are a foodie and love to try new things.

However we need to start looking at food a different way. Most people eat what they eat for oral pleasure. Whether they will admit it or not its satisfying a taste response and not a bodily need. We have been conditioned to need sugar and avoid veggies, fruit, and health meats.

There is so much information out there that its hard for anyone to know what they should be doing yet alone know how much and when they should be eating. This is absolutely a place WE Perform coaching can help. I personally recommend a fluid approach. If you are eating clean whole foods and limiting junk food we should begin to see some of the results you desire. Eating well should never be considered a diet but a lifestyle. 

I get it that most people want the quick fix, however most the time these same people find a hack to weight loss and in a few months they are right back where they were or worse.

I have been reading a lot of great information lately in regards to nutrition and how its effecting our bodies. I came across a great book everyone should read, its called Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shanahan.

Its a mind blower. In the book she explains how our food is not only fueling our body to perform physically and mentally but also how our genes express themselves.

“Epigenetic researchers study how our own genes react to our behavior, and they’ve found that just about everything we eat, think, breathe, or do can, directly or indirectly, trickle down to touch the gene and affect its performance in some way.” 
― Catherine Shanahan, Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food

What this shows us is we need to keep learning and keep an open mind about nutrition. Its simple to eat well and it may have a bigger impact then you think. Click on Catherine's name above for a link to her amazon page and pick up her book. It will not disappoint.

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