Habits....the Keys to Success

As an athlete there are many tools that have a direct influence on your success. One that we find incredibly valuable is the ability to create winning habits. I know its cliché but it is something that we as athletes need to create.

In the spirit of the Olympics, we are hearing stories daily about the path different athletes have taken to reach the panicle of their sport. From humble beginnings, to hours in the gym with no one else around. Something all these athletes have done where create habits of success. The question that I pose to all athletes is “what are you willing to give?” I think that this question is the driving force behind every athlete. I have met athletes that just want to play and that is fine and training these athletes is no different than training the elite. However, the results of these trainings will be incredibly different from those who are willing to do anything for success. 

The habit of hard work is one that seems separates athletes quicker than any other trait I’ve seen. How many times have you seen a team of athlete’s train together, practice together, and at the college and pro level even eat together? Now why is it that all these athletes do not see the same results on the field, court, or in the weight room? I know there is of course a genetic component and other little factors but something that some athletes don’t get is that while training, practicing, and eating you must be "comfortable with being uncomfortable". This means hard work. I know we have all heard that saying before but what about the other side of the coin. Athletes that are not seeing success may just be more “comfortable with being comfortable” then those athletes that are successful. 

To be a great athlete, creating winning habits like working hard and have a willingness to run through a wall to reach the top will determine the success later on.

Here are a few more habits that every athlete should have:

1.   Having an end goal in mind

Where do you want to be as an athlete? Do you want to play in college, Professional, or just win your local 3 on 3 tournament? Whatever it is write it down, put it somewhere you look all the time and read it daily. A short story about this habit is as a high school athlete my goal was to make the State all state team for baseball. My junior year I didn’t make it. I took the registration form that I didn’t get to fill out and hung it just above my bed. I looked at it every day for a year motivating me to train and get there. One year later I signed that form and started for my sections all-star team. Know where you want to go and do whatever it takes to get there.

2.   Have a support team

Have people that will do whatever it takes to help you get to that goal. Whether that’s your parents, a local coach, a friend, it doesn’t matter. Have someone that knows what you want to do and realizes how important your goals are to you and that you would love for them to respect it and be as big a part of it as they would like. This will make skipping parties, practicing late, Training early all that easier to do.

3.   Be particular about how you spend your time

This can go hand in hand with number 3. You have to be          aware of how you spent your time. If you want to achieve your goals but you are spending 70 percent of your time watching TV and hanging out with friends, most likely you will not reach your goals.

4.   Winners exercise initiative

You have to be willing to do what it takes to be great because it is a personal responsibility. This also means that no one can do it for you. You must be the one asking to get to the gym, go to the field, or ordering the right food when you go out. Own everything you do if winning is the goal.

5.   In the spirit of the Olympics “Winners focus on winning, Losers focus on winners”

Be the athlete that people want to watch. Know your goal and do not let anyone change your focus. This means win or lose you do what your plan has been designed to do. Lean on your coaches and support system and know that if you trust them the plan will result in success. Don’t be the guy that looks at everyone else but yourself.

If you are personally looking for someone to help you with these habits, or help your young athlete develop professional habits shot us a message, we would love to discuss how we could be part of your support team!