Want to get better, DO LESS....

It's no surprise that as a culture we want more and more. We are always chasing the best, most, largest, you name it we want it. However, we seldom realize that to get to the bigger and better we need to do a lot of little things. This is a common theme in many books including, the compounding effect, Switch, and many others.



See If you give yourself one task a large percentage of the time you will stick with it. Now if there is a second task added into the equation, then, ability to do both at the same time drops to under 40 percent adherence. Don't even get me started on more than 2 tasks. At that point, you will be down to about 10 percent adherence. This was something I took from Leo Babautas book The Power of Less.


Too often we want to do it all. Something we need to do instead is to focus on ONE simple yet highly impactful skill at a time. Once that skill is mastered and no longer needs your attention to complete then a second skill should be added.

If you want to lose weight the first skill you may want to work on is slowing down your eating. You will fail but over time you will become more comfortable with it. I also guarantee you will begin the process of shedding the unwanted weight.

See we don't always need to take on a massive amount of stress to see the results we want. People will take on a new diet for example and cut sugar, got to the gym 7 days a week, wear a step counter to make sure they get 10,000 steps a day. However, all this is doing is using up our willpower to focus on the skills that will really help us reach out goals. 


Want to know the secret to weight loss?

Now sit down this is going to knock you over.

Slow down your eating!!!!! 

That's it. Now there are other skills we need to learn to continue to lose weight but this is step 1. Nothing else. We will get into this more in another post. But that needs to be mastered before we worry about carbs, gluten, hill sprints, joining CrossFit and so on.

Now if you're an athlete and want to get faster and do not to heavy leg work. Well, that would be a great place to start. NOT the agility ladder. See to be fast you need to produce force. You do not develop that on the ladder, you develop that in the weight room. Try adding something like leg press/Deadlifts or walking lunges to your workout a few days a week and see how much that strength with impact your speed over the course of a month.


See without force we can not propel our bodies forward. Without that force, we can not drive our own body weight off the ground. This is where your foot turn-over starts, not the agility ladder. So work on your strength, then the next skill can be added on top of that like plyometrics, and sprint skill drills. But not until the foundation of strength is laid. 

See how these baby steps are piled one by one.

So pick ONE task, MASTER it, and then add a new skill on top. But remember pick skills and tasks that will produce the largest impact with the least amount of effort and don't pick what I like to call Level 3 skills. Pick level 1 skills. You know the crawl before you walk skills. Work smarter at everything you do not always harder.

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