Become the healthiest you using.........Friends

When it comes to getting in shape there seems to be so many different road blocks that get in our way. Things like the food in our fridge, or having enough time to get the gym and exercise. Its feels like the universe is always throwing things in our way trying to sabotage our success. But there is a secret the universe doesn’t want you to know.

Your success is based on many things including the company you keep. 

That’s right the secret is if you keep people around that have a similar goal or live the lifestyle that you yearn for, you are almost guaranteed to be successful in your pursuit to be the best you.

When we look at ourselves and what we want to be we need to identify the people that will be the most supportive. These people are all around use and can come from places that you never thought to look. This means the first step to health and wellness is to make your goals public. 

The funny thing about putting your goals into the public domain is we think people will judge us and laugh at our goals, but more people will come out in support of your goals then will come out and put them down. 

Use this as a way to not only motivate yourself but to find the people in your life that want what you want. These people will be there to help you make the right choices and avoid pitfalls. Also a possible added bonus is they may even join you as they peruse their goals.

The most interesting thing about having a social circle that have like goals or are currently participating in a healthy lifestyle is that stats show that you will be more successful in your pursuit. People with social contacts that partake in a healthy lifestyle are 85% more likely to make the right choices on food and going to exercise.

That leads to another great place to find support and motivation. Get involved in group exercise classes or talk to the guy standing near the dumbbells. People at the gym already have one thing in common with you. The goal of bettering their minds and bodies.

Most people find a routine of working out at the same time and days each week. This is a great way to get to know people and becoming part of the community.  

There can also have a negative effect to your social circle. If your peer group are constantly going out and eating poor. Or, hurtful in their comments on your plain chicken and broccoli dinner while they eat cheese steaks and fries. This can derail your progress and motivation to exercise and eat well.

It’s been shown that people who have an obese friend eat more than those without. Also this holds true to friends that don’t exercise regularly. If you try and go at it alone the stats are not in your favor. The secret is if you have people around you that are supportive and participate in the actives and lifestyle you wish to peruse you are statistically shown to be more successful.

In conclusion run in the social circles of the people that support you or have the lifestyle you dream of. Their motivation and healthy choices will brush off on you more than you think. 

Another great option in this world of technologies is an online fitness coach. They can help you stay on track and be there to hold you accountable to a program that fits your fitness goals. Check out our online coaching option and maybe we will be a good fit to help you reach your goals.