The Sugar Experiment - Its killing you

Sugar is probably the one thing in the American diet that is killing us. It’s the root of so many different health issues, disease, and how well our bodies operate on a daily basis. One of the biggest things about sugar and simple carbs is most people are addicted. This is evident in the research of the students at Connecticut college who found that our favorite cookie, Oreos, are just as addictive as cocaine. Basically, the sugar acts on the same pleasure centers in the brain and this would explain why even though we know these sugary foods are bad for us we eat them anyway.

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Habits....the Keys to Success

To be a great athlete creating winning habits like working hard and a willingness to run through a wall to reach the top will determine the success later on. 

As an athlete there are many tools that have a direct influence on your success. One that we find incredibly valuable is the ability to create winning habits. I know its cliché but it is something that we as athletes need to create.

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